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Signatures for Support for Eliza at SOU

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1 MollyHamilton I read Eliza's letter about the cermaics class. For the reasons alone that she is paying tuition and is an audit student, she should be able to attend. I am surprised by SOU's conduct with this situation so far, hopefully they can redeem themselves.
2 BarbbaraIngram This is so wrong, I am so upset and seeing her working on her projects just shows what imbaciles we have to deal with here!!
3 CarlBarcroft  
4 MaureenAsh I see in the pictures on this blog that Eliza is absorbed and enjoying her work--isn't that the point of auditing an art class? I don't understand the actions of SOU.
5 Ann MarieHutson Please do the humane thing and let Eliza finish her term in the ceramics class, with her mother by her side. It is so little to ask, but would send a giant message to the community ... that we should all be included.
6 DebraOsborn  
7 BarbaraBeers This is an outrage, especially from a school that claims to celebrate diversity? How can this be a place of "higher learning" when you are stopping someone from reaching their goals in your school ?
8 RobertGiven To SOU: What happened to civility, being courteous, respectful of others, and most importantly helping all to reach their potential. Isn't this what the essence of the educational experience that your institution strives to provide.
9 SusanHarris Eliza has been a resilient and capable assistant at the Food Bank for 1 year now, contributing to the receipt of food product by date sorting and shelf placement; her ability to participate with her peers inbi-monthly donations has been very appreciated!
10 HannahEvans I am deeply saddened by this blatant discrimination. I stand strong with my cousin.