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Signatures for Support for Eliza at SOU

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11 JennShelton Eliza is awesome. SOU thinks that they are limiting Eliza's access to education, but their bigger loss is that they are limiting their access to Eliza, who is a far more valuable treasure than all their labs, libraries and ivory ideas.
12 Rachel GrafEvans Eliza, you have many people that love and believe in you and we will keep fighting for you until it is changed. With love from your cousin.
13 LucretiaEvans Please allow granddaughter Eliza Schaaf to return immedicately to the Southern Oregon University's Introduction to Ceramics course.
14 AustinC  
15 GaryRogers  
16 sonyakaufman  
17 ElizaSchaaf I want to learn new things and finish my projects. in my art class at SOU. Please let me stay and work with my friends.
18 KatieTso As Arizona pushes forward for inclusion at the university level, SOU should follow this example and become the leader of inclusion in the Pacific Northwest.
19 JohnKreitzberg  
20 RonGarfas-Knowles I urge you(SOU)to reinstate Eliza in "intro to Ceramics". Do not let Eliza's course work to be incomplete because the institution failed to provide a reasonable learning environment. Support Eliza's desire to learn. I Do.