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Signatures for Support for Eliza at SOU

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21 Mary AnnaEvans I know Eliza to be a vibrant, friendly, and artistic person. I believe she has what it takes to contribute to her class. The university experience depends on students learning from one another. Please give Eliza and her classmates that chance.
22 SamanthaFranklin I think it's amazing you're standing up for yourself. She deserves every right to forgo her dreams and ambitions just like everyone else. It's her human right and she is being denied that. Without a doubt you have my full support, good luck!
23 AnnaEvans You are an amazing person, Eliza. You are loved and supported by many. Keep being the dedicated, talented, and beautiful individual that you are. Nothing can stand in the way of your dreams. A way will open. I love you.
24 RichardHolbo  
25 StephanieSplain  
26 AmyCuddy There is no doubt in my mind that Eliza can learn from her SOU classmates and teachers and they from her. Isn't learning the point here?
27 DebEvans Eliza, Always believe in your dreams. Follow your heart, be strong and know that we love you more than anything. "Got to keep trying. Got to keep your head held high." Thanks for being you, your perfect!
28 KimTomlinson  
29 PaulJenkins  
30 KellieListon