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Signatures for Support for Eliza at SOU

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961 EricaSwenson  
962 JerryWechsler Eliza has proven that she belongs with this class.
963 MattDoran  
964 NorissaGordon Thank you so much for coming and speaking to our class today Eliza, it was a real joy to hear yours and your parents perspectives. You are a beautiful person and have a wonderful family. Don't give up on your dreams... please come visit again soon :)
965 Anne MarieMoylan  
966 JeffFox True equality knows no race, sex, creed, shape, size, age, or disability.
967 WendyHarnos  
968 SiobhanHickey I'm a friend of your cousins and I saw your documentary over Facebook. Your art is beautiful and you are a very eloquent speaker. I wish you all the best and I hope this petition helps people to see what they are missing by not allowing you in this class.
969 EStone  
970 shelleychristensen