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Signatures for Support for Eliza at SOU

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971 CoryFrederick This college should reverse its ruling on this case. This student will benefit from the class and the other students will benefit from the exposure to a person unlike themselves. The college should make any and all accommodations for her.
972 AmyBrooks  
973 SheriJobe Best wishes to you Eliza :-)
974 joegough  
975 MelissaSnyder What happened to Eliza is appalling! I fully support her attending SOU.
976 NessieSiler How is it possible that a school receiving Federal funds is allowed to drop a student with disabilities? She has a right to receive instruction in the same setting as her peers, or your funds should be cut forthwith. Reinstate her as a student in the clas
977 CourtneyCoan Give the freedom to learn. Person first !
978 colleenohara My name is Colleen O'Hara and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am trying to start a book club for people with disabilities. I am not sure where to start. I feel that their is a need for this kind of a book club. I will be looking forward to hearin.
979 IvanaNovakovic  
980 KerriBrooks Unacceptable. Allow Eliza to attend class.